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  • Is it necessary to have a motorcycle license?
    Yes the motorcycle license is mandatory. The A2 license is nevertheless allowed to participate in our courses on bikes.
  • What equipment is required for the training?
    Trainees must be equipped with a jacket & pants, a pair of boots (high shoes and boots prohibited), approved gloves and a full face helmet. If you do not have any equipment or do not wish to carry it, you can rent the pants, jacket and boots on site. The helmet and gloves must be personal.
  • If I do not own a BMW GS, is it still possible to do an internship with you?
    Our Off Road courses are available to all makes. Only the BMW Motorrad Box Experience courses are exclusively for GS. In any case, if you are not an owner, it is possible to rent on site.
  • I have never done Off Road, can I still participate in a training?
    Of course! We are here to guide you and help you progress. No matter the level. If you apprehend off-road driving, you have the opportunity to participate in a "Personalized" course, which will be perfect for a first experience off the beaten track.
  • Is it possible to take a companion in the back of the bike during the training?
    Unfortunately no, but we offer the accompanying people to join you during meal breaks and watch you progress on the school areas of the area.
  • I have a GS but I do not want to use it during the training.
    No problem, we have a park of 25 GS for rent to allow you to leave yours on the parking!
  • I want to come by train, taking all my equipment may be complicated. Can I rent on site?
    Absolutely. We offer boots, pants, and a jacket for rent. The helmet and gloves cannot be rented.
  • Is it possible to book a room with the course?
    The Domaine du Château de Lastours has 22 rooms on site. Book online (
  • Is it possible to come with my camper/van on site?
    You can leave it on the domain parking during your day of training but it is forbidden to park it to sleep. Rooms are available on the site or you also have campsites within 10km of the site.
  • I have big dietary constraints, can you adapt?
    Absolutely! Our chef will take care to adapt to your allergies and other dietary constraints. Just let us know when you register. ​
  • I am on a A2 licence, do I have the right to participate in an internship? ​
    A2 license are welcome, with their own motorcycle or with one of ours (750 GS or 850 GS A2).
  • Do you rent low chassis?
    Yes we do. Just let us know at the time of booking.
  • Is the deposit required when renting the motorcycle?
    Yes, a deposit of 2000€ for the rental of a BMW GS is mandatory. It can be left by check or credit card.
  • I apprehend the size of the bike because of my build, what do you think? ​
    We offer different models & different configurations of BMW GS: low chassis, low saddle... But thanks to the advice of our instructors, size will no longer be a problem;)
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